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American Made With pride

We have hand crafted All our products since the 1940's and continue to do so with Pride. All Mcwelco Products are constructed to the same standard that has earned us a reputation of quality that does not go away.

The New Look  "Chrome"          Original

Mcwelco has updated there

tool boxes with  chrome handles and  a more convenient locking system. It features the 2500 American Lock© with a "Hinge mount" so the lock stays ready to go. This design is much more convenient than the original 2000 lock  being that the lock stays as part of the box. Original 2000 Lock system is still available by request along with original style handles.


2500 Chrome

2000 Original

When opening a toolbox "Chrome". handles allow for single hand use with complete control while the "Original" style handles can require a dual handed operation for those not familiar with using this system.

Our Locking system as been a ever evolving design that has resulted in the most secure locking system in the toolbox industry. Our shroud guard accommodates both the American 2500 Lock or the 2000 lock. The 2500 Lock features a front key entry with a spring bottom loaded pin that locks with the push of a finger. The 2000 Lock features the key entry into the bottom loaded locking pin which offers greater protection when locked inside our shroud guard. Both Locks are more secure than a padlock but If you don't want to bother with the hassle of the extra security of 2000 lock then our 2500 locking system is for you.

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