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McWelco Classic Truck Racks. McWelco Crossbed Truck Tool Boxes. 3 lid H series box.
McWelco Floor Drawer unit. McWelco Mobile security Container.

Large Event BBQ Kitchen Trailer.

BBQ trailer is red white and blue with three large capacity custom BBQ’s from McWelco Products. Trailer is 8’ wide x 16’ Long with. Trailer features storage cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and sink. Call 1-760-244-8876

Notice to first time visitors and future buyers! McWelco Products are hand crafted at a quality level unmatched by any known truck accessory manufacture offered at contractor supply stores. Therefore our products are priced according to the quality and features. If you would like to learn more about the difference in quality  give us a call. 1-760-244-8876

American Made With pride

We have hand crafted All our products since the 1940's and continue to do so with Pride. All Mcwelco Products are constructed to the same standard that has earned us a reputation of quality that does not go away.

The New Look

New Products

The New Look      "Chrome"

Mcwelco has updated there

tool boxes with  chrome handles and  a more convenient locking system. It features the 2500 American Lock© with a "Hinge mount" so the lock stays ready to go. This design is much more convenient than the original 2000 lock  being that the lock stays as part of the box. Original 2000 Lock system is still available by request along with original style handles.

McWelco 2500 Locking system.
McWelco 2500 Locking system.
McWelco 2000 Locking system.



McWelco Chrome Handels option.
McWelco original style handels.


2000 Original

McWelco 2000 original Style.

2500 Chrome

Mcwelco 2500 Chrome Look

New Products

Mcwelco's new Hidden Transfer tank offers security of your fuel on the job while adding easy access and style to your truck. The transfer tank and tool box sit flush with the truck rails. The pump hose is secured in the tool box in a compartment of it's own ensuring no fuel will drain upon your tools inside.

Mcwelco's new Removable tail gate bar works with any yoke rack and maintains the high strength engineering our racks have. The bar completely removes allowing free use of the truck bed via two quick release pins.

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